New Morning Mercies

“Wake up before your kids”. Advice along the same thread as, “sleep when the baby sleeps”. It sounds really wonderful but it’s always spoken from well-meaning, well-rested mothers who are most likely not up multiple times in the night. This autumn, as I have continually this past year, I decided to get curious and see […]

Our Newest Endeavor: Homeschool

Right around when the world seemingly lost its mind in 2020 the thought flashed in my mind – I’m gonna have to homeschool. A year later, we moved into our neighborhood. I cried on an early morning walk with 18 month old Judah as a big, yellow bus picked kids up for school. I didn’t […]

The Joy of Inconvenience

Looking around, I see a frenzy of striving, discontentment and needing more. Lately, I’ve been considering what it would mean to “make it my ambition to lead a quiet life, minding my own business and working with my hands.” (1 thes 4:11-12). I’m struck by the word ambition. Isn’t ambition loud? Doesn’t ambition beg to […]

The Family Meal

My mom handed me a book, The Surprising Power of Family Meals. The subtitle is how eating together makes us smarter, stronger, happier and healthier. Intrigued, I added it to my summer reading list. Words have always touched me deeply. And the words in this book were no different. Getting dinner on the table takes […]

Freed Up to Look Up

Baby number two wrecked me. I know for a lot of mamas the leap into motherhood is tough but it just wasn’t for me. I’d dreamt my whole life of being a mom and when it was finally my turn I couldn’t have been more content. We went through a lot when Judah was born […]

A State of Being

As I have spent more time leaning into my faith I’ve noticed how much of a “striver” I am. Seeing every aspect of my life as something to be improved. For a long time I believed that the smarter, prettier, thinner, more successful, more faithful, more impactful I was the happier I’d be. Sometimes I […]

Live in the Sunshine

Colorado sunshine is therapy after a long winter. The in-between of spring is so short and sweet and it’s the perfect time to dream up what we want our summer to look like. Joey and I spent a date night at home dreaming up our perfect summer. The feeling I want to create for my […]

Motherhood as Worship

Mother’s Day has come to a close. My 4th one but really my 5th. I can still remember sitting in church in 2019 while our Pastor prayed over and celebrated the mothers in the congregation. I was late. And I was scared. Joey and I wanted babies soon, but now felt too soon. And I […]

Does God Live on Maui?

I’d never been to Hawaii. Joey’s family had invited me twice while we were dating and I passed up both experiences. But Joey was obsessed and I was jealous! I wanted to experience Maui with him. So this year as we came up on our 5th wedding anniversary we decided to plan a trip to […]

A Load a Day

I started a habit and it changed my life. I started doing one load of laundry a day. In the past, I couldn’t stand laundry and the thought of doing/thinking about laundry daily, it just sounded so unappealing. So I waited. I waited until the bins were overflowing. Until Joey was out of undies. I […]