Live in the Sunshine

Motherhood | Oils

Colorado sunshine is therapy after a long winter. The in-between of spring is so short and sweet and it’s the perfect time to dream up what we want our summer to look like. Joey and I spent a date night at home dreaming up our perfect summer. The feeling I want to create for my family this summer is nostalgia.

That looks like 4+ hours in our yard or at a park every morning. A popsicle before lunch. It’s my babies chasing their chickens in the yard (oh hey the Trinkle’s got chickens!). Nostalgia is Tuesday nights at the pool with food trucks and Saturdays smoking a huge chunk of meat. It’s camping trips and days spent by water – any kind at all. Most of all it is simple and slow. Driven by nature and good food and enough time to linger in the moment so it burns into your memory.

We haven’t even hit the solace yet and somehow I know this summer and these moments will stick with me for life.

I’m a sucker for the season changes and last summer Young Living made all my dreams come true with their Simplified Collection. Every three months they launch a seasonal collection of the most whimsical oils to diffuse all season. The summer collection is Seaside, Orange Creamsicle and Tropical Tango. You can purchase them as a unit or individually and they are divine! I love how diffusing the same oils daily for an entire season can become a trigger for years to come of those memories I am creating.