Motherhood as Worship

Motherhood | Spiritual Disciplines

Mother’s Day has come to a close. My 4th one but really my 5th. I can still remember sitting in church in 2019 while our Pastor prayed over and celebrated the mothers in the congregation.

I was late. And I was scared. Joey and I wanted babies soon, but now felt too soon. And I stood there and I worried and three days later an electronic test gleamed PREGNANT. The word that changed our life forever.

And this year. The May of 2023 – I’m confident and thriving in my role as Mama.

I’m at peace with the importance of going deep into the discipleship of two little humans. Less concerned with the impact of my name leading hundreds or thousands to the Lord. In this season, hard as it can be, I know training up my arrows so they will be ready to  launch is my most important work. Their impact will be immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine.

A few mundane moments in this season of motherhood that I never want to forget:

  • Nursing Shiloh once a day, holding her perfect hand, gratitude pouring out that we’ve made it this far
  • Judah saying “what in my whole liiiife” every time I say something he’s not expecting
  • Watching Judah and Shiloh rush into our garage to see their baby chickens
  • Judah asking us “what’s your favorite thing today?” eight times a day
  • Watching Judah soak in each and every fact about bugs
  • Shiloh intently playing with her legos
  • Shiloh becoming a major Daddy’s girl 
  • Snuggling Judah every night for 20+ minutes in his toddler bed while he tells me everything on his mind

Gratitude fills me as I think of these tiny, precious moments. Motherhood has been unexpected in the most meaningful ways since those early days of pregnancy. I never expected my worship to be so guided by the good, bad and ugly moments of motherhood. 

But truly that is what motherhood has become for me. My worship. An anchor tethering me to Jesus constantly through my day. My desperate prayers when I’m tired, frustrated, taking care of sick babies, mopping up another mess. My praise when we are singing and dancing in the kitchen. Tickle fights, snuggles and endless giggles. A proclamation of my faith every time I discipline, teach and correct.

I’ve often called motherhood emotional whiplash, and it is, but how precious to continually get to offer up my human emotions to the One who created them, allowing Him to sanctify me always. So this Mother’s Day I am so thankful that being a mama is part of my story. I can’t believe the Lord is propelling me towards being more like Him through the little people I adore the most.