Kauri’s Beauty Rhythms

Kauri is such a precious friend of mine. We met in middle school and I can still remember the moment. She was performing in the school talent show with her sister. Their rendition of Love Song by Sara Bareilles was enthralling. I wished I could be her, lol. Kauri has endless creative talents and is […]

Beauty Revealed

There she was. My daughter. My husband and I chose to wait until birth to find out the genders of our babies. But when Shiloh was placed in my arms, there was no surprise. We knew she was a girl. And from that moment, God began rewiring my views of femininity. I held my daughter […]

Firm Foundation

As Christmas came to a close in 2022 I had no desire for big goals and dreams. Quite the opposite. I needed rest. I slowed into the new year. Even leaving our tree up until January 6 to soak in every ounce of the twelve days of Christmas. In this time the Lord gave me […]

Slowing in December

Darkness settles over our home before dinner these days. Yes, winter can be tough with little kids but December is easy. So we rinse our plates, place them in the dishwasher and put up our leftovers before bundling our kids up in Christmas jammies, winter coats, mittens and hats. Time for an evening walk. The […]

New Morning Mercies

“Wake up before your kids”. Advice along the same thread as, “sleep when the baby sleeps”. It sounds really wonderful but it’s always spoken from well-meaning, well-rested mothers who are most likely not up multiple times in the night. This autumn, as I have continually this past year, I decided to get curious and see […]

Our Newest Endeavor: Homeschool

Right around when the world seemingly lost its mind in 2020 the thought flashed in my mind – I’m gonna have to homeschool. A year later, we moved into our neighborhood. I cried on an early morning walk with 18 month old Judah as a big, yellow bus picked kids up for school. I didn’t […]

The Joy of Inconvenience

Looking around, I see a frenzy of striving, discontentment and needing more. Lately, I’ve been considering what it would mean to “make it my ambition to lead a quiet life, minding my own business and working with my hands.” (1 thes 4:11-12). I’m struck by the word ambition. Isn’t ambition loud? Doesn’t ambition beg to […]

Freed Up to Look Up

Baby number two wrecked me. I know for a lot of mamas the leap into motherhood is tough but it just wasn’t for me. I’d dreamt my whole life of being a mom and when it was finally my turn I couldn’t have been more content. We went through a lot when Judah was born […]

A State of Being

As I have spent more time leaning into my faith I’ve noticed how much of a “striver” I am. Seeing every aspect of my life as something to be improved. For a long time I believed that the smarter, prettier, thinner, more successful, more faithful, more impactful I was the happier I’d be. Sometimes I […]

Motherhood as Worship

Mother’s Day has come to a close. My 4th one but really my 5th. I can still remember sitting in church in 2019 while our Pastor prayed over and celebrated the mothers in the congregation. I was late. And I was scared. Joey and I wanted babies soon, but now felt too soon. And I […]