Hannah’s Beauty Rhythms

Minimalism | Spiritual Disciplines

Hindsight is 20/20. And when I look back at my days of playing softball I can see the Lord’s hand all over my athletic career. Because of this sport I have a strong bond with my dad. I have a college degree. A husband. My family. And a best friend.

Hannah and I bonded over Pinterest wedding boards in our Western Civilization course in college. We shared a love of softball, Harry Potter and silly humor. After we graduated our new husbands became fast friends and our friendship deepened as we learned how to be wives and mothers and care for our homes and bodies.

I knew I needed Hannah’s input on beauty because of her confidence in her identity. This confidence shines through in her no fuss beauty rhythm. She enhances natural beauty without all the extra we’ve been told we need.

What is beauty to you?

To me, beauty is something to be admired. Whether that’s something that attracts your eye or something that tugs on your heart in a special way. It’s something that makes you want to stop and enjoy it for a few precious moments. You can usually find me in my garden these days so excuse the reference to flowers, but truly, you can learn so much about beauty from them. They don’t need to change or morph into anything except grow into “what they are.” There’s such a profoundness in that simple truth. 

When did you start embracing this beauty and why?

I tend to connect most with simple beauty. Beauty that doesn’t need to be added to or tampered with. It just is. I’ve always been the kind of gal who doesn’t fuss over myself. Effortless and easy. I can’t remember ever thinking differently, it’s always how I’ve seen things. 

Freckles, birthmarks, unpolished nails, natural hair colors, the sound of someone’s true laugh, someone talking about something they are passionate about, these are the things I find beautiful.

What makes you feel the most beautiful?

I absolutely love coming in from a morning spent in my garden, weeding, digging, pruning, harvesting. How my shoulders are a little bit more tan than the rest of my body because of my time in the sun. The feeling of wearing old jeans that fit you just right. Washing my face at night and caring for my skin. When my husband tells me I’m beautiful while I’m wearing sweats and an old t-shirt. Nothing complicated for me!

Beauty products you can’t get enough of.

It’s taken me years to learn what my body needs. Here I am in my early thirties and I don’t think I’ve ever loved my routine more! Not a beauty product, but very essential to my beauty, nourishing myself with whole/nutrient dense foods. Perfect supplements collagen powder in my coffee every morning. Washing my face with water and my Norwex body cloth (life changing product). My whipped beef tallow on my face 2x daily is so luxurious and has made major improvements with my dry skin. Also, this girl’s always gotta have a trusty lip balm in my pocket or purse at all times!

Beauty Philosophy

Keep it simple! Beautiful things don’t need to be changed!

Thanks Hannie for taking the time to remind us we don’t need to stress over our beauty, we just need to embrace it, tend to it and share it!