Remove the Walls


1000 Hours Outside Photo Diary

I once read this line, “if the kids are bouncing off the walls, remove the walls.”

Judah was a baby on the verge of being a toddler and I was already blown away at the energy a little tiny person could possess. If I’ve learned two things in my early years of motherhood it’s that sunshine and water can fix most problems.

On December 15 we decided to embark on 1000 Hours Outside. If you haven’t heard of this movement read all about it here or listen to it here.

Each month I want to do a photo diary and tally of our hours outside in order to hold myself accountable and maybe inspire you to get outside with your babies, too!

Dec 15 – Jan 15:

Hours completed – 31 

Total hours – 31

  1. Building a snowman and sledding days before Christmas
  2. Beach walks, runs and jumps in the waves the week between Christmas and New Years Eve in Galveston, TX
  3. Snowy neighborhood walks, bundled up trudging through the snow
  4. Garage clean out and yard day on a warm January Saturday