My Oils Order as a Minimalist

Minimalism | Oils

If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past, you know I’ve spent the year decluttering my home, my schedule and my brain. Part of this process was decluttering my purchases and rhythms. Recently, my beloved Young Living orders found themselves needing an overhaul.

See, I’ve spent six years, ordering not one but two essential oil orders each month. And though I was always ordering what I wanted to try or what I loved, I was also gifted with a ton of free stuff through Young Living. And as much as I appreciate the company for their generosity, I was sick of managing my inventory. I’m at a place where I know exactly which products I want in my home.

So here’s a simple list of things I still order every. single. month. These basics are used daily and I go through them quickly because of that.

  1. Seasonal Simplified Collection

It’s almost like Young Living knew I needed to simplify my life and just simplified my diffusing habits for me! I love that every three months I get to buy a fresh set of seasonal oils that create the perfect atmosphere for my home. The fall simplified collection is back and if you are a pumpkin spice fan you will not want to miss out on Orange Spiced Cider! I pop Orange Spiced Cider in the diffuser to start my day and then diffuse Gingersnaps or Cozy Cabin as I begin dinner each evening. 

  1. Ningxia Red

I’ve been drinking Ningxia for a long time. I love it, my kids love it and Joey loves it. It’s a whole food supplement and the more I dive into nutrition the less I want to take the artificial junk anyways. I currently am only taking Beef Liver supplements and Vitamin E outside of my daily Ningxia and the ease of this combo has been perfect in this season. My favorite recipe is Ningxia mixed with coconut water and a little bit of salt.

  1. Thieves Cleaning Line

How do people even keep their homes clean without Thieves?! The household concentrate is the perfect all purpose cleaner. I’ve used it on every surface in four different homes over the last seven years. I bought this simple mop and have been adding a capful to the bucket each time I clean my floors, too!

I use the dish soap and hand soap and have them in these cute little containers. My newest obsession is the Thieves scrub. I have one in each bathroom and in my kitchen. The best scrub on the planet. Hands down.

  1. Sleep oils

Every night as Joey gets the kids ready for bed I do a little clean sweep of our upstairs. I put away toys, pick up dirty clothes and wipe surfaces. This habit starts with me filling all our bedroom diffusers with sleep oils. I used to have to track four oils down, fill each diffuser with drops of each and then add water. It was inconvenient, time consuming and more often than not I would just skip it all together. These days I fill a 30ml bottle with a sleep blend and do one dropper full into each diffuser.

Sounds of my babies splashing, laughing and running while they catch up with their dad fill the rooms. I weave in and out tidying up for the night. The peaceful scents drift through the hallway, helping us all wind down together. This time of day is when I feel like my home is the happiest and most complete. Plus going to sleep in tidy rooms has been proven to make your sleep more restful! 

A few of my favorite sleep blends

Lavender and Cedarwood: the OG, you just can’t go wrong

Frankincense, Orange, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus: so calming and happy

Dream Catcher, Bergamot, Tangerine: a slice of heaven and a little romantic

  1. Frankincense

My desert island oil. The sweet, simple smell gets me every time and is the only oil I’ve been using topically as of late. I love to put a drop or two in my palms and inhale. Then I rub the excess through the ends of my hair and over my chest. The perfect way to end my skincare routine as I finish getting ready for the day or head to bed.

As you can see I’ve honed in on the oils that help my house stay clean and peaceful. These products are special because they set the backdrop to my days and allow me to create the atmosphere I desire in my home. You may have a different desired backdrop. Can I suggest you clarify what that backdrop is for your home? Once you know this feeling confident in your purchases gets so much easier! We don’t need an excess of stuff, even great stuff, in our homes to live an abundant life.